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Cars Tire Granulate Machine Waste Tire Granules Machine Crumb Rubber Production Line

Cars Tire Granulate Machine Waste Tire Granules Machine Crumb Rubber Production Line

autos tire granulate EPT waste tire granules EPT crumb rubber production line

the 1st step is EPT-TS collection tire shredEPTEPT, is utilized to shred the EPT tire into TDF rubber chips in 50*50mm.

the next stage is EPT-R collection tire rasper EPT, is employed to make the rubber mulch in 10-30mm. it can be colored rubber mulch as filler of garden or XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den.

the 3rd phase is EPT-G collection tire granulator, is utilized to make the crumb rubber or rubber granules without having wire and nylon. it is 3rd phase in EPT tire recycling generation line.

The EPT-M series miller is utilised to grind rubber powder. it is beEPT to ultimate phase in EPT squander tire recycling manufacturing line.

the automobile tires, truck tires, trailer tires, OTR tires upto 4000mm can be shredded by our tire shredder

whatever the frozen tires or not clear tires each can be processed by our EPTs.

The pre-grinding program can be outfitted with bolt chopping tools to decrease functioning expenses and simplify line maintenance.
The two-stage rasper technique successfully releases steel from the rubber for productive separation and thoroughly clean line creation.
The fine granulation technique is geared up with a EPT rotor EPTly created to minimize the rubber size of the tire. It supplies maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum throughput while reducing the amount of fines created. The EPT is also optimized for minimal running and dress in charges.
Inhale textiles and dust at numerous areas in the recycling technique.
The central reverse EPT filtration method extracts dust from the complete method.
Our milling technique can be set up at the rear of the tire recycling program. The size and configuration of the milling system is configured according to particular production requirements, ie dimensions and throughput.
An sophisticated audio attenuating enclosure is available to decrease the sound level of the technique to lt85dBA.
H2o spray and atomization systems are mounted on critical factors to maintain approach temperatures safe and prevent fires.
Technique EPT ensures part operation back links, maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mizes system ability, and greatest protects the method from interfering components.

Flow- Chart of EPT tire recycling manufacturing line

TIRE SHREDEPT: Employed to shred the EPT tires into rubber blocks, NO Need Draw OUT THE WIRES FROM TIRE BEAD, NO Need to have Minimize THE TIRES TO EPT Pieces. CAN BE FEED IN TIRE SHREDEPT Directly.

RASPER: It can method and generate ten-30mm wire cost-free chips, the steel wire will be separated by rasper and captivated by magnet.

GRANULATOR: is created to grind the rubber mulch from the rasper into modest granules as fantastic as 1mm. The granules are screened and re-circulated until finally the sought after size is achieved.

Miller: is designed to crush the rubber granules to rubber powEPTin -1mm.

Our Manufacturing unit — HangZhou HARVEST EPTRY CO.,LTD
HangZhou EPT EPTry Manufacturing facility was estabEPTd in 1987,it’s a single of the earliest expert makers of nail producing EPT and tire recycling EPTs.With innovative generation encounter,initial-class administration engineering and the specialist right after-sale services crew,our products not only occupythe domestic market place, but also export overEPT continuously,which has acquired unanimous praise from our customers.Our manufacturing unit alwaEPTaims to set customers’ demands at 1st area,and has constantly experimented with to upgrade its products for a lot more than 20 years. The main items now , nail producing EPT and tire recycling generation line , have presently attained excellent market for their large high quality and dependable technologies.

Cars Tire Granulate Machine Waste Tire Granules Machine Crumb Rubber Production Line

Cars Tire Granulate Machine Waste Tire Granules Machine Crumb Rubber Production Line

Crumb Rubber Reuse Machine Rubber Grinder Tire Recycling Machinery

Crumb Rubber Reuse Machine Rubber Grinder Tire Recycling Machinery

Crumb Rubber Reuse EPT Rubber GrinEPTTire Recycling EPTry

The EPT tire recycling EPT will be managed by the PLC, all the resources will be method inside of of EPTs, there is Actual ZERO Pollution. 1 labor, one engineer can function all the EPTs, no need to function the EPTs, just management the PLC. the EPTs can shield the EPTs, work the EPTs and preserve the EPTs perform smoothly.


1.Tire shredEPTEPT

The Rubber ShredEPTEPT adopt PLC automatic manage system, with automatic reversal management system in overload problem. Two-shaft tire crusher is EPTly designed for outdated tires with reduced speed and higher torque to reduce noise and EPT usage.

The blade of the shredEPTis made of substantial quality steel and subjected to Bodycote heat remedy to attain the greatest crushing functionality.The shredEPTis easy to disassemble and alter cutter blade and suited for tearing massive, further thick and hard components.The thickness range of the crushing blade is 25mm-152mm according to the tire sort,output and final product. The grinEPTcan method OTR tires,huge truck tires,vehicle tires and so on at the speed of 1-30tons whithin one hour.

Product Input size Output measurement Cappacity Motor Blades quantity Dimensions Excess weight
TS-800 800mm 50*50mm one-2T/h two*22kw 16pcs 4*two.6*three.2m 8T
TS-1200 1200mm sixty*60mm three-5T/h two*37kw 20pcs four.8*2.8*3.5m 14T
TS-1600 1600mm 50-150mm six-8T/h two*45kw sixteen-30pcs 5*two*3.4m 18T
TS-1800 1800mm fifty-150mm seven-10T/h 2*55kw twenty-24pcs 5.6*2*three.4m 23T
TS-2000 2000mm seventy five-200mm 10-15T/h 2*75kw twenty-30pcs 6*two.four*4m 36T
TS-2400 2400mm one hundred-200mm 20-30T/h 2*110kw sixteen-24pcs seven.four*3.2*5.2m 56T

EPT tire shredding program is made to produce up to 6 tons for each hour of wire free of charge rubber mulch.This program makes up to a 99% wire free of charge chip ranging in dimension in between 12-25mm based on the wanted dimension.Soon after processing,the metal is taken out by our magnetic separation technique.At this position,the wire free of charge rubber chips are prepared to be coloured and utilised for landscaping mulch and the metal is prepared to be baled and sold to smelters.

Rasper Motor EPT Capacity Proportions Bodyweight Slicing chamber Final product
R45 Siemens 45KW 300-500kg/H 1.4*one.two*2.3m 1700kg 450*600mm 10-30mm
R55 Siemens 55KW 500-700kg/H 1.seven*1.seven*two.3m 1850kg 450*800mm 10-30mm
R75 Siemens 75KW seven-hundred-1T/H two*2*4.1m 3500kg 550*800mm 10-30mm
R90 Siemens 90KW 1-one.5T/H two.one*2.one*four.1m 4200kg 550*1000mm ten-30mm
R132 Siemens 132KW 1.5-3T/H 2*2.five*4.1m 6100kg 742*1200mm 10-30mm
R315 Siemens 315KW three-6T/H 6.2*two.1*3.6m 12400kg 697*1562mm 10-30mm

three.Granulator EPT

Waste Tire Recycling Rubber Granule Producing EPT is adopting bodily recycling approach and is made to grind the rubber mulch from the rasper into little granules as fine as one-6mm. The granules are screened and re-circulated until the sought after dimensions is attained. This Fully-Computerized Tyre Recycling Line working in typical temperature, no want to include any other chemical compounds, no pollution to the setting. This is the greatest way to recycling scrap tires.

Granulator G37 G45 G90
Motor Siemens Siemens Siemens
EPT 37kw 45kw 90kw
Capacity 300-500kg/h five hundred-800kg/h 800-1500kg/h
Dimensions 1.8*1.6*two.4m 1.eight*one.9*two.4m 2.2*two.3*3m
Last product one-6mm 1-6mm one-6mm


Rubber powEPTis the closing consequence of ambient tire recycling.At this phase,crumb rubber is floor down into a clean powEPTform with almost all metal and fiber eliminated.Rubber powEPThas quite a few secondary uses from injection molding merchandise,coatings,roofing resources and various asphaltapplications.

Rubber powEPTis usually discovered in 40-74 microns(.forty-.74mm) in dimensions.This micron measurement metarial has the advantage of being included into new or eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting formulations for numerous polymers and completed items.

Rubber powder M2000 M1500 M1000 M500
Enter item Weighty duty truck tyres to bicycle tyres
Enter dimensions Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm Diameter 1800mm
Output measurement shred to thirty-120 mesh rubber powder
Ability 2000kg/h 1500kg/h 1000kg/h 500kg/h
Complete Kw 680-760kw 516-556kw 347-372kw 170-190kw

Mob 151366 0571 six


Q1,Are you a manufacturing facility or a trading business?
A. We are a producer with 30 years production knowledge in tire recycling EPT. We have export license, we can provide you the manufacturing facility prices.

Q2. Can you guarantee the capability as you pointed out ?
A. Definitely sure,besides that,we also offer 3-5years warranty.

Q3, are you confident the last rubber powEPTcan be totally cleanse out of wire metal or nylon ?
A. The ultimate powEPTpurity can get to ninety nine.9%. we have magnetic separator which can individual the wire metal from the rubber powder.

Crumb Rubber Reuse Machine Rubber Grinder Tire Recycling Machinery

Crumb Rubber Reuse Machine Rubber Grinder Tire Recycling Machinery

Scrap Tire Production Line to Rubber Powder Tire Crumb Rubber Recycling Machine

Scrap Tire Production Line to Rubber Powder Tire Crumb Rubber Recycling Machine

scrap tire production line to rubber powEPTtire crumb rubber recycling EPT

EPT team Tools is the leaEPTin value-efficient turnkey tire recycling programs marketed EPTly. The tire recycling systems produce distinct manufacturing functionality, the manufacturing line is for generating TDF amp TDS (tire derived shreds), wire-totally free chips (rubber mulch), crumb rubber, and good rubber powder, utilized in range of application throughout the world.

Our EPT entirely-automated tire recycling technique incEPTs a wide assortment of custom made shredders, rasper, granulators, powEPTgrinding EPT. With effectiveness, toughness, and trustworthiness, our tools can procedure tires to produce clean rubber crumb, and best powEPTfor use in a range apps this kind of as:
Rubber mulch for pyrolysis, landscape, etc
Crumb rubber for playgound surfaces, athletics filed, and so forth
Rubber powEPTfor sporting activities/turd field, asphalt, extruded rubber components, and many others

The flowchart of EPT full tire recycling EPT:
Step1: to method waste tire into fifty-75mm rubber block by tyre shredder
Step2: to method rubber block into 10-30mm wire-totally free rubber mulch, 99% rubber mulch can be divided.
Step3:to process rubber mulch into 1-5mm rubber granule, and remove nylon fiber from rubber
Step4:The rubber granule be processed into wonderful rubber powEPT30-120mesh.

We will in accordance consumer need to design EPT for customer.

The EPT fully-automated tire recycling EPT use Siemens PLC management method, completely-computerized tire recycling creation line, effortless to operate.
Cooling syystem, dust get rid of program. EPT-pleasant, no any pullution, minimal noise.

Flowchat of EPT tire recycling EPT:

Comprehensive EPTs in EPT tire recycling EPT:
Action 1. Double tire shredder

It to developed to shred EPT tire into rubber blocks, fifty-150mm as request. Can method OTR tire, truck tire, auto tire, tractor tire,and many others

Model Input dimension Output dimension Ability Motor Blades amount Dimensions Bodyweight
TS-800 fifty*50mm 1-2T/h 2*22kw 16pcs 4×2.6×3.2m 8T
TS-1200 1200mm sixty*60mm three-5T/h 2*37kw 20pcs four .8×2. eight x 3 . five m 14T
TS-1600 1600mm 50-150mm 6-8T/h two*45kw 16-30pcs 5x2x3.4m 18T
TS-1800 1800mm fifty-150mm seven-10T/h 2*55Kw 20-24pcs five.6x2x3.4m 23T
TS-2000 2000mm seventy five-200mm ten-15T/h 2*75kw 20-30pcs 6×2.4x4m 36T
TS-2400 2400mm one hundred-200mm twenty-30T/h 2*110kw 16-24pcs 7.4×3.2×5.2m 56T

Disc screening EPT:
the more substantial rubber blocks will be return again to tire shredEPTto shred agin, the more compact rubber block will conveyed back again to rasper EPT

Phase two.Rasper
It is EPTly designed to take away wire metal from tire, and procedure the rubber chips from tire shredEPTinto ten-30mm rubber mulch. The steel was eliminated by rasper EPT and captivated by magnetic separating method

Product R-315 R-132 R-ninety R75 R55 R45
Potential three-6t/h one.five-3t/h one-1.5t/h 700kg-1t/h five hundred-700kg/h 300-500kg/h
Poder 315kw 132kw 90kw 75kw 55kw 45kw
Weight 2400kg 6100kg 4200kg 3500kg 1850kg 1700kg
Voltage As ask for
Measurement ten-30mm wire cost-free rubber mulch

Stage 3. Granulator
It is made to approach the rubber mulch into one-6mm rubber granule as request, and separate the nylon fiber from rubber granule.

Design G-ninety G-forty five G-37
EPT 90kw 45kw 37kw
Capability 800-1500kg/h five hundred-800kg/h 300-500kg/h
Last dimension one-6mm one-6mm one-6mm
Excess weight 5600mm 3300mm 2950mm

Phase four. Miller(rubber powEPTgrinding EPT)
It is developed to approach the rubber granule into good rubber powEPT30-120mesh as ask for

We has been targeted on creating and production equipment for the recycling business a lot more than twenty many years and is emerging as a leaEPTin offering cost efficient turnkey tire recycling programs. Our primary emphasis is to provide custom made created tire recycling techniques that deliver the best possible generation for a variety of applications this sort of as TDF (Tire EPTived Gas), rubber mulch, and rubber granule(crumb), rubber powder. We have created and mounted recycling programs in nations around the world all more than the globe.

EPT and delivery:

Just before-product sales services:
1. Technical proposal
two. Response concerns inside eight hours
three. Examined EPT

After-revenue provider:
one. Set up and debug EPT, prepare staff
2. Totally free spare areas in gurantee interval
3. EPT time technological assistance when generation process


1) Are you a factory or trade business?
We are skilled recycling line EPT manufacturing facility, specialist design and style engineer, seasoned generation team, superior producing and processing faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ty. You can get good complex help from us.

2) How can I EPT your organization?
a. famous model ingredient as our stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd configuration, like Siemens Motor,Siemens PLC and SchneiEPTcomponent. All areas use large quality substance and precise processing
b. Assessed by third celebration-national test centre. countrywide patents,SGS, CE, ISO certificate
c. Welcome to check out our manufacturing facility to examine at any time, We are at HangZhou, Henna, China

3) How about the take a look at working amp set up?

Ahead of shipping and delivery out your EPTs, we will invite you to arrive to examination your EPTs, when you are content we start off to pack and shipping and delivery.
We will dispatch our enginne to your nation to assist you to install and debug the EPT, as properly as training your employees.

4) How about the guarantee?
UnEPTthe proper usage, 1-3 year for EPT EPT, we offer EPT-time after product sales provider for our consumer.

For far more information, remember to feel cost-free to contact us:

Tel/Whatsapp/Wehat: 86~13 0571 88828 13858117778188310683

Scrap Tire Production Line to Rubber Powder Tire Crumb Rubber Recycling Machine

Scrap Tire Production Line to Rubber Powder Tire Crumb Rubber Recycling Machine

Scrap Tire Shredder Crumb Rubber Shredder Machine Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

Scrap Tire Shredder Crumb Rubber Shredder Machine Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

Scrap Tire Shredder/Crumb Rubber ShredEPTEPT/Tyre Shredder
EPT Charges

Scrap tire shredder/Tyre shredEPTEPT is to shred car tire, vans tires into rubber blocks in fifty*50mm with capability of 2-6 tons/h, so as to be crushed into rubber powEPTeasily.
two years warranty for EPTs physique, blades and shafts.

The operating approach of scrap tire shredder/tyre shreEPTEPT costs:
Waste tire – Tire de beader- EPT tire reducing – tire shredEPT- Rubber crushing – magnetic separator – fiber separator – Rubber powder

Technical data of tire shredEPTEPT:

Model TS-900 TS-one thousand TS-1200
Potential 1-2ton/h three-4ton/h four-six tons/h
Feed sizes of tire le900mm le1000mm le1200mm
Output measurements le50*50mm le50*50mm le50*50mm
Motor EPT (KW) 22*two+4+one.5 45*2+4+1.five 55/seventy five*2+five.5+1.5
Bodyweight 9T 12T fifteen.6T

Decomposition equipments before tire shredder:
1. Tire debeader: to attract out the wire steels from bead of tires, ability forty pcs/h
two. EPT tire cutter: to minimize truck tires into items Capacity thirty-forty tires/h

Main Rubber crusher is utilized to grind the chunks into more compact mesh powEPTthrough the vibrating monitor as you want.

Design Drum diameter Drum size Front roll linear Roll speed ratio Max roller spacing Motor EPT
XKP-350 300mm 500mm 17.6m/min one: 2.5 8mm 30kw
XKP-four hundred 400mm 600mm 21.6m/min 1: two.5 8mm 45kw
XKP-450 450mm 760mm twenty five.3m/min one: 2.five 8mm 55kw/75kw
XKP-560 560mm 800mm 28.6m/min 1: 2.five 8mm 75kw/90kw
XKP560D 560mm 1000mm forty two.5m/min one: two.5 8mm 132kw/160kw

Advantages of tire recycling EPT:
1. Crusher roller speed ratio: Ours is 1: 2.five, whilst the previous sort roller velocity ratio is 1: 1.38.
2. Roller composition: Our two rollers are both grooved, which increase the friction and then increase the output, while the outdated kind is one with groove, and the other is clean.
three. Roller content: The roller is produced by Welding wear resistant alloy components, 5Cr6MnMo. We can supply you 3 several years guarantee of the roller. While the old varieties EPT use solid iron to make the rollers, quite simple to crack or crack in two.
4. EPT feature: Our EPT is vitality conserving one/3. For instance, making 1T powder, our EPT electricity consumption is only a hundred and fifty deg, even though their electricity consumption is about 250- 280 deg in producing 1T powder.
five. Bearing: Our EPT use rolling bearing, there are 8 parts bearing inside, although the aged EPT use the slide bearings ( bush), which is not as very good as ours.

AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary products:
Magnetic separator: to independent the scrap steel from rubber powder
Principal feeder: to express the big measurements rubber granules into rubber crusher
Vibrating screens: to independent the fantastic rubber powEPTfrom greater dimensions



Q1,Are you a manufacturing facility or a investing firm?
A. We are a manufacturer with 30 years production expertise in tire recycling EPT and nail producing EPTs. We have export license, we can offer you you the manufacturing facility charges.

Q2. Can you ensure the capability as you pointed out ?
A. Undoubtedly yes, the grooved two rollers are EPTly made to increase the output and make certain the functioning efficient.

Q3, are you sure the final rubber powEPTcan be totally clear out of wire metal or nylon ?
A. The ultimate powEPTpurity can attain 99.9%. we have magnetic separator which can different the wire metal from the rubber powder.

For far more information, remember to truly feel free to make contact with us whenever.
Mobile: 15738242977

Scrap Tire Shredder Crumb Rubber Shredder Machine Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

Scrap Tire Shredder Crumb Rubber Shredder Machine Tyre Shredder Machine Prices

Crumb Rubber Miller Waste Tire Powder Recycling Plant Price

Crumb Rubber Miller Waste Tire Powder Recycling Plant Price

Employed Tire Recycling Method For Sale/Crumb Rubber Processing Line

one.Major doing work approach

two.The manufacturing line incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the adhering to EPTs






Ring cutter


1 set


Strip cutter


1 set


Block cutter

QKJ-45 one established


Loop EPT


one established


Conveyor equipment

BSJ-1100, XSJ-600

2 sets


Rubber crusher


1 established


Magnet separator

BCX-2, XCX-one

two sets


vibrating monitor

BS-eight, XS-4

2 sets


Fiber separator


one established


Rubber grinder


1 established

3.Tyre ring cutter

4.Tyre strip cutter

5.Tyre block cutter

6.Metal wire separator

seven. Tyre crusher





Entrance roll diameter(mm)

four hundred



Rear roll diameter (mm)

400(grove roller)

450 (grove roller)

510 (grove roller)

Operating size of rolls(mm)




Front roll surface pace(m/min)



25.fifty six

Friction ratio








Manufacturing capacity(kg/h)

two hundred-three hundred



Motor EPT(kw)


fifty five


Overall dimension(mm)








Crumb Rubber Miller Waste Tire Powder Recycling Plant Price

Crumb Rubber Miller Waste Tire Powder Recycling Plant Price