Epoxy Curing Agent for No Voc Painting We-8196

Epoxy Curing Agent for No Voc Painting We-8196

WE-8196 Curing agent or Hardener for epoxy flooring paint

WE-8196 is a modified amine waterborne epoxy curing agent, which can be provided in the form of about 45% water remedy of solids, and is an surroundings-welcoming waterborne inexperienced item..

Product rewards:

1. It has reduced viscosity, ligEPT shade and large gloss
two. It can be remedied at space temperature with large hardness, little contractibility, good mechanical qualities and outstanding drinking water resistance and chemical resistance
three. It can be mixed with liquid epoxy resin, epoxy resin remedy or waterborne epoxy dispersoid to compound waterborne paint and adhesive
4. WE-8196 curing agent does not contain any natural and organic solvent, and the development equipment can be washed with h2o
five. It does not break the emulsion when mixed with cement, which has a good adhesion and sealing on refreshing concrete or moist masonry, and has a very good cohesive drive to a variety of base supplies.


About Us:
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2) How could I be sole agent?
Considering that we build cooperation ,we will consiEPTyour orEPTquantity and if you want ,we will try out our ideal to fulfill your desire.

three)What is the shipping and delivery time?
Inside 10 daEPTsince received the deposit.

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Epoxy Curing Agent for No Voc Painting We-8196

Epoxy Curing Agent for No Voc Painting We-8196