Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponins Camellia Oleifera Abel

Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponins Camellia Oleifera Abel

Camellia Seed Extract

Solution Title: Camellia Seed Extract/ Tea Saponins
Botanical Supply: Camellia oleifera Abel
Element Employed: Seed(Dried, one hundred% Normal)
Specification: Tea Saponins 90%
Visual appeal: LigEPT Yellow Powder


Tea saponin (beEPT to saponin family members), is one variety of glycoside compound, which is extracted from camellia seeds. It is not only powerful in decontamination, foaming, emulsification, decentralization and saturation, but also with function of diminishing swelling, easing discomfort and resisting epiphyte, which is widely utilized in foodstuff, consume, chemical, medication, pesticide, rubber, movie, developing materials, extinguish materials, hair care goods and so on. So, tea saponin can also be named: surfactant, woemulsion, detergent, pesticide, foaming agent and antiabrasive agent.

Primary Perform

1. Emulsifier:The tea saponin paraffin emulsifier(TS-eighty emulsifier) has been widely utilised in building board industry. Due to the fact of tiny granularity emulsion, level off diploma and good stability ,the emulsion’s character is significantly much better than EPT emulsifier this kind of as: alkyl sodium sulfonate, sodium oleate and ammonium oleate.

two. Detergent: It is a normal nonionic surfactants, be non-poisonous compound soon after enzymolysis, which can avoid polluting the setting. Tea saponin is a strong decontamination with no limitation of Drinking water hardness. Be created shampoo to protect hair, wash hair, eliminate inflammation and cease itching. When it is utilized as detergent to clean cloth, woolen sweater and material, it possesses not only cleansing potential, but also make the fabric fadeless, new, brigEPT and comfortable.

three. Foam:With strong capability of absorbing carbon dioXiHu (West Lake), tea saponin not only can be utilised as foam for foam rubber in rubber industry, for foam fireplace extinguisher in fire industry, but also can be replacement of other business content, these kinds of as foam stabilizer in concrete sector to deduct producing expense, accelerating-foam for cold drink and beer industry.

four. Pharmaceuticals:With operate of relieving a cough and dispelling phlegm, tea saponin can encourage XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n windpipe mucous membrane, enhance secretion. It can also be utilised as diuretic and medicating emulsifier.

5. Biology pesticide: it can also be utilised as mother nature and natural and organic pesticide in agriculture industry.

Application Filed

Tub foam, shampoo,hand washing liquid, laundry detergent, market detergent, pet care items, hair care merchandise, gold ampjewelry cleansing liquids and so on

Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponins Camellia Oleifera Abel

Camellia Seed Extract Tea Saponins Camellia Oleifera Abel